Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why do people get addicted to carmex lip balm?

Carmex has an ingredient in it that after several uses, begins to dry your lips out. Then people think they need to put more on. It heals your dry lips for a few days. When you stop using it, your lips will get really dry, so then you resort back to the Carmex! I know, it's like a drug!Why do people get addicted to carmex lip balm?
I never heard of anyone being addicted to that..

I tried it and don't like the smell, to each his own I guess..Why do people get addicted to carmex lip balm?
People get ';addicted'; to lip balms with petroleum or mineral oil bases. Carmex has a petrolatum base. The problem with petroleum, petrolatum, and mineral oil is in the way they work. They pull the moisture that is underneath the skin to the top layer making your skin feel moisturized or your lips feel soft. The product then wears off or you eat it off or you rub it off and with it you've just rubbed off your skins natural moisture supply. Your skin can't regenerate the moisture fast enough so you have to put more moisturizer, lip balm, or something back on the skin. You'll hear people say that their lips, face, legs, etc doesnt' feel soft without the product. That's the petroleum based products working. Many people become addicted to body moisturizers or face moisturizer because of it. Some infamous for this are clinique's dramatically different original formula is basically mineral oil, bath and body works lotions tend to be loaded with mineral oil and carmex style lip balms are loaded with petroleum and petrolatum. None of these things are good for your skin and will cause more problems than they solve.
Well that's a new one! I never heard of someone getting ';hooked'; on carmex!
I dont know i just love it like i tried others but theres nothing like it at first its all strong whateva then after awhile its cool and becomes kissable keeps my lips soft after awhile and its great to wear before you put on ur lip gloss or lip sick
Because it actually has a drying agent in it. All of your inexpensive lip balms do. This way you have to keep buying tons of it. Mary Kay makes a lip balm that moisturizes for at least 6 hours... one tube should last you at least 6 months.
I have been addicted to Carmex for years! If I don't have it, my lips feel soooo dry. I think it is the menthol feeling that people are addicted to.
i wouldn't say they're addicted to it, but it's one of the best out there!
because it's the best balm ever!!
the brown sugar smell
beacuse its really good for your lips but then i THINK soemone told me that it kind of makes them worse and thats why people always use it. i dunno thats just wat i was told but i use CHAPSTICK lols i love it
it has formaldehyde in it so it helps a lot for a short period of time and then dries then out so yes it is very addicting along with and other chap stick. i suggest trying lip gloss from bath and body if you don't mind the shine it is menthol based so it works as a chap stick and stays on for hours, hope this helps!

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